i haven't shared all of this anywhere else, as i'm trying to create it in a vacuum.
that's me
 so i guess i've been working on a series, and instead of stitching existing mythology i've been creating my own, with imaginary ancestors.
i'm just letting whatever wants to come out, come out, and i write the stories as they go along. these three are brothers. the one in the middle favors their father, the oldest and youngest favor their mother. their element is earth.

i haven't done fire yet. it is my favorite element.

he's air/king of swords
they are water, widow mother and two daughters, i hope folks can figure out the stories inside the coats. they are related to the brothers of the earth above by marriage. see he drowned at the bottom of her coat?
air; sister of beard braid up top
earth/harvest moon
earth and air(combos are offspring)(owl is a spirit)