MacReady from Tha Thang is next

this song could be done by one dude on a guitar and still be fire, that's how you know it's a damn fine song.

absolute unit

i wish the weeknd would just do an entire 80s album tbh. it's really the only time i actually like him!
Earth and water baby ❤️

still my favorite song, guitar got me like
wendy froud is a dollmaker
 if this work looks familiar it's because he developed the characters for The Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth.
clay teeth

 in a vivid dream the other night i dreamt of a beautiful cliff and inside the rock wall were faces smiling and pleasant. they reminded me of brian froud's art, so that morning i ordered this book.
for a book about fairies this is intense.

some of the characters, especially the more recent ones, i genuinely love, and i don't know if that's weird but it is what it is.
and they sort of just happen, they come out the way they want to, i knew i wanted to stitch a little girl in a picture cape, and this precious peanut came out. i knew i wanted to stitch some brothers, and they came out.
it does feel sometimes like i'm pulling them out of another universe, and i'm just the messenger.
and my heart feels like it knows them. i just feel it in my heart.
and that prob does sound weird, but maybe that's the only way i can capture their spirit, by knowing them with my heart.
because as far as i know none of them exist in real life.
i dunno, i'm just the messenger.
the next full moon is the 12th of this month, and i'm always amused by the old school names of each month's full moon, well november's is known as the full beaver moon hahahahaha
i see the ladies get to partake in No Shave November too heh heh heh heh
i'll see myself out
i've had that feeling for the past two days that something is about to happen, and it feels like something really good. it's like a dirt path through a green field and the sun is rising up and getting closer.
my whole body is buzzing with light and color right now i can't wait to see what it is.
my dad's turning 70 this weekend and he just wants everybody to meet up at Bar for pizza and beer.
busy week! not the party so much as getting ready for all the out of towners, but i'm pretty stoked to see everybody.
just trying to juggle everything and i'd much prefer to be off on my own embroidering!
wanted to stitch a little girl :3

 i haven't shared all of this anywhere else, as i'm trying to create it in a vacuum.
that's me
 so i guess i've been working on a series, and instead of stitching existing mythology i've been creating my own, with imaginary ancestors.
i'm just letting whatever wants to come out, come out, and i write the stories as they go along. these three are brothers. the one in the middle favors their father, the oldest and youngest favor their mother. their element is earth.

i haven't done fire yet. it is my favorite element.

he's air/king of swords
they are water, widow mother and two daughters, i hope folks can figure out the stories inside the coats. they are related to the brothers of the earth above by marriage. see he drowned at the bottom of her coat?
air; sister of beard braid up top
earth/harvest moon
earth and air(combos are offspring)(owl is a spirit)
still mad at Rush for not doing a cover of Mark Gormley's "Without You".
let's just get honest here for a minute: that song would be friggin FIRE if someone else sang it. it's untapped prog rock gold!
@juntowa on instagram made little Handmaid's Tale costumes for all her tiny doggies :3

can't stop laughing at frogman
that's a penis monster in Rock n' Roll Nightmare right?
is it a metaphor?